Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Cancer is the leading killer of dogs and cats yearly...

Cahill Veterinary Hospital utilizes the most up to date methods in the diagnosis of cancer. From biopsying methods to needle aspirates of masses, we are capable of diagnosing most types of cancers in your beloved family member.

Surgery is oftentimes the number one modality to try to cure cancer. If surgery is not an option, due to distant metastasis of the cancer already or anatomical location, other methods such as alternative medicine and chemotherapy can help alleviate your pet's discomfort and put them into remission. We utilize standard means of cancer diagnosis, as well as minimally invasive methods, using rigid cameras and scopes. Ask one of our doctors which method would best suit your pet's condition. In some cases, radiation therapy is the best option for treatment, and we are more than happy in directly a patient to a facility that can provide this treatment if an owner wishes to pursue it.

We have a large chemotherapy pharmacy available to treat cancers responsive to such treatment types. Pets typically do better with chemotherapy than people. most chemotherapeutics will cause minimal discomfort, if any.

Other options, such as alternative cancer vaccine administration and further advances in immunotherapeutics, are available when they can be applied.

Common cancers diagnosed at Cahill Veterinary Hospital include:

-Lymphomas (systemic, organ specific, all grades and types)
-Bone tumors
-Tumors of the spleen (hemangiosarcoma, splenic hematomas, etc)
-Mast Cell Tumors
-Skin Tumors
-Soft tissue sarcomas
-Nasal Cancers (nasal lymphoma, chondrosarcoma, squamous cell carcinomas)
-Oral Cancers (melanoma, squamous cell carcinomas)
-Transitional cell carcinomas of the urinary bladder
-Ear and ocular tumors
-Mammary gland tumors
-Gastrointestinal cancers

The aim of treating most cancers is to help prolong and improve a pet's quality of life. We want to allow you the best time with your pet with the time they have left with you.

We pride ourselves in offering the best end of life care/hospice care to provide you and your pet the best time left in their life. We utilize a combination of traditional pain medications and treatments, as well as alternative herbal medicines and even acupuncture, to help your pet enjoy their final days.

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