Healthy teeth, healthy pet

By the age of two, upwards of 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some sort of dental disease or oral pathology. Dental disease not only affects your pet's mouth, but also can affect other organs the longer it persists. Signs that your pet may have oral or dental disease include:

- Bad breath (halitosis)
-Tartar on the teeth
-Red, swollen or bleeding gums
-Excessive drooling
-Discharge from the nose, sneezing or swelling under the eyes
-Oral pain, dropping food or reluctance to have the mouth touched
-Weight loss


Much of this can be prevented with proper dental care and cleanings. At Cahill Veterinary Hospital, we are capable of providing total oral health care. In addition to routine scaling and polishing, we are capable of providing and treating the following:

1. Dental sealing and bonding

2. Extractions

3. Periodontal Surgery for Tooth Preservation

4. Oral mass removal/biopsy

5. Feline Odontoclastic Resorption Lesions (FORLs)

6. Feline stomatitis

7. Fractures of the Jaw

General anesthesia is needed to perform a proper dental cleaning and oral exam. Your pet will receive preoperative laboratory tests and an EKG to ensure anesthesia safety. We utilize digital radiographs when needed to assess root vitality and oral pathologies.

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