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Dr. Vitale trained extensively in Nevada at the International Semen Bank and is pleased to offer reproductive services now at Cahill Veterinary Hospital.

Breeding Soundness and Timing in the Bitch

Breeding soundness of both the male and female can be evaluated and assessed to identify possible pre-existing conditions that would be negative indicators for successful breeding. Pre-breeding tests, such as testing for Brucellosis or other infectious diseases can be performed.

Progesterone testing, the hallmark for timing of ovulation in the bitch, is performed. Results of these tests help predict the time of ovulation which helps determine days for breeding or insemination.

Artificial Insemination

Besides natural breeding, artificial insemination can be performed once ovulation has been identified. At Cahill Veterinary Hospital we can perform of the three following insemination procedures.

Vaginal insemination can be performed by injecting semen into the vaginal vestibule near the cervix. This is much easier than transcervical insemination, however it does not guarantee insemination as the semen must pass the cervix to get to the uterus. Likewise the bitch must be elevated for 5-10 minutes after insemination to help the semen get past the cervix with the use of gravity.

Transcervical insemination, with the use of endoscopic cameras to identify the cervix and inject semen directly into the uterus, has better long term outcomes of fertility and is preferred for better chances of pregnancy. The bitch is usually mildly sedated and a long, rigid endoscope is passed into the vagina to visualize the cervix. A catheter is then passed into the cervix to have the semen directly deposited into the uterus.

Surgical insemination, where the bitch is fully anesthetized and her uterus is identified, isolated and examined. This method has very similar chances of pregnancy outcome as seen with transcervical insemination. The downside to this method is cost, as charges for anesthesia are more expensive as well as surgical suite preparation and instrument use.

Semen Collection and Storage

Semen collecting can be performed as well as microscopic semen examination. Specimens for fresh chilled semen can be collected and prepared for shipment. Storage of semen with yearly banking fees is also offered for cryogenic semen preservation.

Cesarean Section and Neonatal Care

Cesarean sections are oftentimes required for breeds such as Bulldogs (English and French), but sometimes also for emergencies. Ideally cesarean sections are scheduled to allow for proper staffing for the surgical procedure and neonatal aftercare. Fetal heart rates are typically calculated with ultrasound to determine if proper fetal development has occurred. From there the decision, along with ideally the date of ovulation, to go forth with cesarean section is determined.

Neonatal care is available for cesarean sections as well as litters with complications. Fresh frozen plasma is available for helping to support critical neonates.

Failure to Conceive and Fertility Problems

Failure to conceive and infertility are common in dogs. Diagnosis of causes of infertility can be identified with various testing which would allow for successful future pregnancies.

Pyometra Treatment

We are fully capable of medically managing and treating intact female dogs, intended for future reproduction, for pyometra.

Reproductive Surgery

Specialized reproductive surgical services are available upon request. Dr. Vitale has extensive experience performing alternative forms of sterilization (ovariectomy, vasectomy, hysterectomy). These cases can be discussed with him directly by calling the office at (734) 782-3131.

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